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Special Events

No Special Events at this time...Check back frequently!

Ongoing Events

We have several volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in working outside and being a part of our many habitat restoration projects. For all opportunities check here and on our Calendar page. for scheduled dates. Unless otherwise specified assume all activities are from 9am - noon.

If you would like to participate in any of these activities or would like more information please Contact us.

Tuesday Group

The Tuesday Group meets every Tuesday morning from 9am to noon at various locations within our Open Spaces. To find out where this group will be or to join, please contact the group leader, Lesley Hunt, at

Nursery Group

This new group meets on the second Monday of the month from 9am to noon at our native plant nursery behind the Shadelands Art Center. For more information or to join, please contact the group leader, Lesley Hunt, at

Fossil Hill Group

Every Saturday a dedicated group meets at the Sutherland Entrance to Shell Ridge to conduct restoration of Fossil Hill. This group is open to new members, however a firm committment is needed concerning the time and effort. It is not for one-time or casual volunteers. To learn more or to join the group, please contact the Team Leader, Phil Johnson, at